Location Based Communication App

Posty is a personal project I worked on within a timeframe of 1 month. Posty shows the top 3 topics in the neighborhood the user is located in. The trending feed is updated real-time, keeping the user current on what's happening in the neighborhood. Posty will not only help users maintain awareness of trending discussions nearby but also allow the users to track neighborhood’s trending issues over time.            


Every day we encounter a lot of news and information that we are not even related. Meaningless likes and hearts that we give to someone we don’t even know where they exist. How can we hear more stories about our neighborhood and what our neighbors are interested.


User Flow

Posty's key features are location and warp. The whole feed (home) changes and shows different topics depends on users' location. Users also explore and track past trending issues of certain neighborhoods through warp feature by putting specific date.


Final Screens

Prototype Video