A fitness app that users can access membership-only gyms and pay for the exact time they spend.

October 2018 - April 2019

My Role
Research, Branding and Product Development

Popin is a fitness startup that allows users to access health clubs by paying for the time they use. Simply Scan in. Workout. Scan out.

I’ve re-designed the logo, created the design system across app, web and partners’ dashboards and worked on mobile app design across iOS and Android platform. I’ve been working closely with the CEO, PM, Marketing & sales and Engineers to deliver a better fitness solution for the users. 

Define Visual Language

From the app and web redesign, I built a style guideline that advances user experience and facilitates the company to more effectively deliver the goal to the users. Building a style guideline allows the company to maintain the overall user experience and feel of the whole ecosystem. ( Popin Brand Guideline & Style Guideline )

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Popin App

Popin app is the company’s core product that allows users to simply scan in our health club partners’ gym any time they want. In the new update, our product team was mostly focused on how Popin can make fitness more convenient and accessible.

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